Science Communication


Photo credit: Nicholas Santasier

I am passionate about science outreach and communication. Here’s a list of some of the things I do. And check out the News page to see what’s coming up!

I am the New York producer for The Story Collider, a live stage show and podcast that features true, personal stories about science. Check out our upcoming shows, or pitch us a story!

You can find my blog at Psychology Today where I write about memory, cognition and the higher functions of the brain, and talk about new research in those areas.

I am a member of NeuWrite, a collaborative working group for scientists and writers working together to communicate science to the public.

I am also a committee member for the New York-wide Brain Awareness Week activities (BraiNY).


Society for Neuroscience Science Educator award winner sponsored by The Dana Foundation (see their blog post here)

Science talk/theater collaboration with Mark Kennedy-McClellan at Caveat NYC: “The Time Traveling Brain

2017-10-08 10.01.59

Photo credit: Maryam Zaringhalam

Nerd Nite: “The Science of the Hangover”

Story coach, performer and host: Mount Sinai Brain Awareness Week storytelling show: “Studying the Brain


Finalist, AAAS Early Career Public Engagement in Science Award

Science/Comedy show at Festival of the Unknown

Story Collider at STEMFest: “How cold is too cold?”

Pint of Science (now Taste of Science) Dana Blog post

Science Exclamation Point

Co-organizer, Story Collider Mount Sinai show: “Studying the Brain”


World Science Festival Street Fair: Stage Show: “Smart Animals”

Blog Post: “The Unexpected Benefits of Science Outreach.”

BioBus: Free Drinks, Fast Science: “So you think you’re smart?”

ArtLab: Memory and Myth, collaborative stage show with theater group


Nerd Nite speaker: “Building a better brain.”

Volunteer at American Museum of Natural History: Poison and the Brain

ArtLab Intro to Scicomedyology science/comedy collaboration

Interviewed on CBS local


Story Collider: “When your grandmother forgets who you are.”  Dana Blog writeup

Executive Board Member, Mount Sinai Neuroscience Outreach Program

Continued participant in Mount Sinai’s annual Brain Fair

Co-curator of Story Collider Brain Awareness Week show

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