Brain Awareness Week

It’s nearly my favourite week: Brain Awareness Week!

2015-03-22 22.17.31

I’m involved in some really fun, exciting events this year. For a full calendar of New York events, check out the Come Be BraiNY website. And if you want to see me, I will be performing around the city all through March:

Tuesday, March 6: The Story Collider: Brain Awareness. With stories from Sandi Marx, Matthew Dicks, Nisse Greenberg, Kelley Remole and Anita Burgos. Co-hosted by me and Erin Barker.

Tuesday, March 13: My science talk/theater project, The Time Traveling Brain, with director Mark Kennedy-McClellan is back at Caveat as part of their Talks Progress Administration series. Come and hear me take a journey through our memories and investigate how they allow us to travel in time.

Friday, March 16: I’ll be appearing in Monotony! a comedy show where people make boring stuff sound interesting.

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